Why Choose Python?

The course is beneficial for those who want to explore the domain of programming and excel in one of the popular programming languages, Python. The course will help you to get familiar with the different libraries of python and lay a solid foundation in Data Structures and Algorithms. So, if you have a passion to learn programming, this is the best opportunity for you.

  • Python programming language is going to be the most promising career in technologies, industry.
  • Python contains fewer lines of codes.
  • Python is designed for better code readability.
  • Python supports multiple programming paradigms.
  • Python is an excellent tool in designing progressive ideas.
  • Python has a large set of library and tools.

Applications of Python

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Python programming language is undoubtedly dominating other languages when AI comes into the play.
  • Big Data: The future scope of this language can also be predicted by the way it has helped big data technology to grow.
  • Networking: Python programming language is used to read, write and configure routers and switches and perform other networking automation tasks in a cost-effective and secure manner.
  • Web Development: Using Python, you will get a handson experience on creating webpages.
  • Game Development: Once you have an understanding of the basics of Python programming, you can now expand your abilities using different libraries to make games with graphics, animation, and sound.
  • Graphical user interface (GUI): GUI lets people interact with computers using visual elements such as icons or pictures instead of text-based commands.
  • Software Development: Python is often used as a support language for software developers, for build control and management, testing, and in many other ways.
  • Scientific and Numeric: Python is widely used in scientific and numeric computing:
  • Education: Python is a superb language for teaching programming, both at the introductory level and in more advanced courses.






Tic Tac Toe

Build a game where two players take turns marking the 3×3 grid with X and O symbols. One who gets three marks in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins.


Guess The Number

Make a Project which should generate a random number between, let’s say, 0 and 100. The player then needs to guess what that number is.



Create a simple horoscope program that asks the user for their star sign and outputs a fun horoscope for them.

Major Project

Will Be Announced Soon!!!

Our Instructors

Abhishek Singh

Founder ~ DevScript

Chief DevScripter

Vedant Khairnar

Founder ~ NeoVantium
Co-Founder ~ DevScript

Beta Microsoft Student Ambassador

Ankit Chaudhari

Technical Lead ~ DevScript


Rohit Ashiwal


Instructor ~ DevScript

Apoorve Goyal

Instructor ~ DevScript

Harshit Dawar

ML Mentor ~ DevScript

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